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Scout Uniform and Handbook

The Scout Uniform and Handbook

Each boy needs an official Boy Scout shirt with appropriate insignia and a belt. The troop provides a neckerchief with special troop insignia. The neckerchief is given to the new Scout when he joins. Scouts always wear their uniforms to the weekly meetings, boards of review, and almost all Scout activities. The troop uses a T-Shirt with the troop insignia as an alternate (class B) uniform during the summer months and other times as designated by the Senior Patrol Leader. Of course, an official Boy Scout Handbook is required and is an invaluable reference. For the new Scouts, the Handbook is the official record of advancement from Scout through First Class, and a checklist for the Star through Eagle ranks for the older Scouts.
The Scout uniform, handbook and other items are available at the High Desert Scout Shop
Official BSA items can also be purchased online from the

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