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Dues Fees and Fundraisers

$ Dues, Fees and Fundraisers $

The Troop Scribe collects troop dues, $13 every 6 months (50 cents a week), from each boy. Troop policy requires members to be current on their dues in order to receive awards and advancements. The money collected from dues is used for the boys' awards and for repair and replacement of general troop equipment. Annually, in March, a rechartering fee is collected which covers National Dues, Boys Life magazine, required troop Insurance, and troop Fees. The rechartering fee is currently around $25.00.
It is expected that all troop members and their families will participate in the few troop fund-raising projects. The annual Popcorn Sale is the only regularly scheduled fund-raiser.
Scouts participating in fund raisers for the troop enjoy an incentive plan whereby a portion of net profit from activities designated as "Troop Fund Raisers" are allocated to each boy's account based on their individual effort. These funds can be used toward fees charged for summer camp and other designated Scouting activities.

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