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Badges and Advancement

Badges and Advancement

The Scout is the driving factor in the Advancement program in that he must initiate the actions required to earn the Advancement. The various badge requirements are outlined in the Official Boy Scout Handbook and in the Boy Scout Requirements book.
The younger Scouts start off working on the skills which are required for Scout, Tenderfoot, Second, and First Class ranks. The Troop Guides and Scoutmasters are designated as the skill instructors. Under the advancement program, a Scout may work on all three ranks simultaneously.
Merit Badges are required for the ranks of Star through Eagle. These badges are taught by adults designated as Merit Badge Counselors for specific Merit Badges. The troop also conducts several Merit Badge classes throughout the year. In addition, the Scout can work on several Merit Badges at summer camp.
The actual advancement to various ranks depends upon the Scout achieving the appropriate skills or earning the appropriate Merit Badges, having a Scoutmaster Conference, and passing a Board of Review. The purpose of the Conference and Review Board is to certify that the Scout has met the administrative requirements for the Badge and to insure that the Scout, at his level, understands the moral, religious, and social precepts upon which Scouting is based. It also provides an opportunity for the boy to practice his communication skills by speaking with an adult or group of adults.
The Review Boards for Tenderfoot through Life are composed of three or more registered adults from the Troop Committee.
The Review Board for the rank of Eagle is composed of three or more adult members of the Troop Committee and at least one district or council advancement representative.
The Scout should prepare for each of these Boards by reviewing his knowledge of Scouting, what he has done to satisfy the requirements for Advancement, and his goals in Scouting.
In Troop 409, we believe that it is important to provide immediate recognition. Therefore, awards and advancements are given to the Scout at the first meeting after the award or advancement is earned. Courts of Honor ceremonies are held about four times per year. The Scout is recognized for all advancements or awards since the last Court of Honor. Courts of Honor are held at the church and start at 7:00 p.m., unless otherwise announced. Remember, the purpose fo Scouting is for Scouts to have fun while they learn, to experience things they might not otherwise do. Though everyone connected with the troop is extremely pleased and proud whenever one of our Scouts reaches Eagle, that is not the purpose of Scouting and not the reason for Troop 409.

How to Earn a Merit Badge (pdf)
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