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How to Earn a Merit Badge
Note 1: Scouts not yet at the rank of First Class are expected to 
focus their attention principally on advancement to First Class.
Note 2.	Failure to follow these steps in order may disqualify some 
of your efforts, and cause you to need to do requirements over again.
Step 1.	Select a Merit Badge that interests you.  
       * Acquiring a Merit Badge pamphlet is often very useful.  
       * Read the Merit Badge requirements.  
       * Recognize that some Merit Badges are more appropriate for older boys because 
         they are really difficult and may require a long time to complete. 
       * Choose one that you have a good chance of completing.  
       * Finding a buddy with the same interest can also be very helpful.
Step 2.	Get, and fill out, a blue “Application for Merit Badge” card.  
These are available from the Troop Committee Advancement Vice-Chair.
Step 3.	Discuss your chosen Merit Badge with the Scoutmaster and get him to sign the front
 of the blue card [1].This tells the Merit Badge Counselor that you are qualified to 
begin working on that Merit Badge.  
A counselor should not meet with you before this happens.
Being part of a Merit Badge class does not let you skip this step.
Step 4.	Select a registered Merit Badge Counselor, and meet with them to discuss the requirements.  
Make arrangements to meet with the counselor again to learn about, discuss, 
and be tested for the Merit Badge.  
Do this as often as you and the counselor agree to.  
Keep your own records of your progress.
Be sure to discuss the time frame over which you intend to work on the Merit Badge.
  Sandia District policy is to allow the imposition of a 1-year limit on your testing,
 after which you may be asked to repeat a requirement or test.
Note:  Merit Badge worksheets can be helpful, but just filling out these worksheets 
does not constitute “passing” a requirement.  It is your counselor’s responsibility 
to determine if you have passed a requirement.
Step 5.	When testing has been completed for all requirements for a Merit Badge, 
ask the counselor to sign the blue card in two places, [2] and [3], signifying 
that you have met all the requirements to his satisfaction.  These are the only 
two places that count for a counselor’s approval in earning the Merit Badge.
Step 6.	After the counselor has signed, then ask a Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmaster
 to also sign the blue card [4], signifying that he accepts the Merit Badge Counselor’s 
recommendation for you earning the Merit Badge.
Step 7.	Turn in your blue card to the Troop Committee Advancement Vice-Chair.
Part of the blue card will be returned to you for your own records.  
Store these safely in case of any future problems.

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