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Troop 409 Chuck Box Contents
Cooking Utensils
Set of knives
Measuring spoons
Cutting board
Set of pots and pans (teapot, skillet, pot, medium pan, and frying pan
Measuring cups
Prep. Bowls
Eating Utensils
Plastic bowls
Plastic plates
Plastic spoons
Plastic knives
Plastic forks
Foam cups
Odds and Ends
Propane stove
Stove hook-up
Hot pads
Mr. Murphy’s Cookbook
Cooking Goods
Salt and Pepper
Mixed Spices
Hot Cocoa Mix

*Items forgotten at home or in the shed
 will not be lent to you by other patrols.

*Extra copies of troop 409's Cookbook
 can be purchased for $10.00.

*Borrowing eating utensils from other patrols will not be accepted.
 (“Be Prepared”; the motto of the scouts)

*There will be periodical Chuck Box checks. 
 Including cleanness, organization, and all items on this list present.  

Chuck Box Contents.doc