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Chaco Canyon 2002

Mr. Thorson's Reflection's on Chaco Canyon

March 2002

Chaco Canyon was a camp out to remember and was a Victory to all who went. Friday night was cold but the winds where calm. We arrived around 10 PM and it was already in the mid-teens. The scouts did a great job getting their tents set up and their chuck boxes arranged for the next morning. That night got really cold at 4 degrees below zero. This is believed to be a record for Troop 409. The scouts did great and although we had a few cold scouts in the morning (which was only to be expected) we had no cases of frostbite. Saturday warmed up to 58 degrees with clear skies and clam winds. We enjoyed exploring the Indian ruins of Chaco Canyon. We hiked up to the ridge and had an enjoyable lunch. After we returned to camp a group of scouts went exploring the rocks and a group worked on the TOTINí CHIP card, while another group just hung out.

The observation center was opened that night, so the Troop went and saw Saturn, one of Saturnís moons, and a new star that was forming. (Iíll try and look up the name). It was one of my favorite parts of the camp out.

Saturday nightís camp fire.
The cold Saturday night brought on some scouting issues that are always seen on first time camp outs. Home sickness, which the cold winter air surely didnít help, the Camp fire,which is one of the most enjoyable parts helped make the issue short lived. The scouts had two camp fires going and had a most enjoyable time. The scout masters started a roasting marshmellow contest that had the boys trying really hard to roast the perfect marshmellow. The contest was to make a light brown tint over the entire marshmellow. Two scouts tied and almost had the entire surface brown. They had a great time and so did Mr. Thorson, the scout master that did the judging. The camp fire was one of the best the this scout master has been involved with, thanks Scouts.

That night things were done a little different, a few of the scouts that were on the colder side Friday night got their sleeping bags doubled up or added winter foam camping gear. It was a toastie 9 degrees that night. Sunday morning went very well. The scouts got up, a lot warmer and made a small fire, cooked breakfast or ate there Sunday morning donuts and got packed.

I definitely learned something about myself that weekend and hope those scouts who went did too, and although it was extremely cold I wouldnít of missed it for anything

Troop 409 created a new camping bead, the chrome barrel, for sub-zero degree camping.