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Camp Rand 2002

Mr. Doerry's Camp Rand Report

Camp Rand 2002 Trip Report 23 June 2002
The following is a random collection of thoughts and remembrances of our recently completed summer camp trip to Camp Frank Rand (CFR). Songs will be sung for generations of Troop 409’s epic adventure. Details follow….

Statistics include
16 boys total
10 boys on first time Boy Scout summer camp
9 boys participated in First Year Camper (FYC) program with substantial advancements
47 Merit Badges completely earned
6 Merit Badges partially earned (expected soon to be finished)
5 Merit Badges completely earned by each of two scouts (everybody earned at least one)
7 days and 6 nights of camping

Weather was gorgeous – warm days and cool nights.
Friday night’s thunderstorm was awesome. A fitting fireworks display to end our trip…

Troop 409 honors include
won 1st place in the Staff Hunt competition
won 3rd place in scout water polo competition
earned Honor Troop award (Alexander did a great job at organizing the earning of this) “Nice job” to the guys that worked on the trail service/conservation project. We hope that someday you will walk down that trail with your own sons and tell them how you helped build it back in ’02…

Kudos to Adam Sterling for maintaining the honor of Troop 409 with a noble and valiant effort in the Iron Man competition. Thanks for the mighty effort…

Kudos to scoutmasters Mr. Saucier and Mr. Rottler for earning CFR beads by helping with FYC and MB activities. Our guys are way better off for your help…
Our guys’ “Outhouse” skit was selected to be performed at Parents’ Night campfire. You guys did a great job… it was CLEARLY the best one there…

(Note: At the Thursday morning’s Scoutmaster meeting after Wednesday night’s initial performance, Mr. Doerry received several great complements from other scoutmasters about how funny the skit was.)

Kudos to Mr. Candelaria (Michael C’s dad) for upholding Troop 409’s honor with a valiant effort in the Scoutmaster vs. Camp Staff water polo tournament.

Kudos to the Friday evening flag ceremony crew… Nice job, you guys were great…

Kudos to Alexander Dobrowolski for his outstanding job as acting SPL…
Thanks to Matt H. and David S. for backing him up…

Mr. Doerry received a number of very fine complements from several members of the Camp Staff on how well Troop 409 in particular conducted itself all week. They definitely noticed, and said so… (One staff member was even talking about transferring to Troop 409 from his own Albuquerque troop. A particularly nice compliment since he was the SPL of his own troop!!!)

You guys should be proud….. We are… You earned it!!! And then there was the epic battle of Palvadera Monte Arroyo….. The Wednesday night snipe hunt will be a legend for years to come… (Ask Armin or Ed for the scoop on this delightful tale…)

A hearty “Awesome” to Alex Doerry for his water “chugging” performance… the only scout from all the troops who came close to beating the Camp Staff champion… (Quite a few witnesses thought you actually had him…)

The most serious injury all week was a bruised heel resulting from a bench that collapsed during Wednesday’s lunch. By nightfall it was pretty much ancient history.

Mr. Doerry apologizes for being knocked out in the second round of the “Ugly Scoutmaster” contest. I’ll try to do better (worse?) next time….

Special thanks to Mr. Woodard for helping Troop 409 get started on Sunday and Monday… (Armin and Ed REALLY appreciated having his experience available…

Special thanks to Mrs. Woodard and Mr. & Mrs. Mills for helping to ferry scouts to camp on Sunday.

- and -
Special thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Mills, Mr. Rottler, and Mr. Silkowski for helping to ferry boys home on Saturday.
- and -
Special thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Mills for pulling the trailer both ways.

Thanks to all who volunteered to drive (either way). It was nice not having to worry about having enough seats to get scouts to/from camp…

Thanks to all parents who visited us Friday night, and again to those who stayed overnight…

Kudos to Mark Woodard, member of Camp Staff from Troop 409. At the morning scoutmasters’ meetings, Mr. Doerry heard a number of scoutmasters from other troops expressing their great happiness with how much their scouts were learning from Mark’s tutelage in particular.

You make us all proud, guys
Camp Rand T-shirts didn’t make it to camp for the boys to take home (supplier problems…). The plan is for the Council office to call Mr. Doerry when the shirts are in, and then we will distribute them at a subsequent Troop meeting… Sorry guys… Thanks to Mr. Hogan for providing the Z-boards and wood for the Woodcarving MB. They were very handy and much used… no doubt contributing greatly to our low injury rate this year…

To all scouts who attended CFR… Mr. Saucier and Mr. Doerry will be filling out CFR Appraisal forms. You could help us greatly by sending to us your comments about what you liked best about this summer camp and what might be changed for you to like it better… And a good time was had by all….. It was a pleasure… Giddy-up 409

Armin Doerry

PS. I didn’t mean to leave anything/anyone out… it was a full week… nice job, guys…