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Camp Beads

Camp Beads are given out for campouts the Scouts, ScoutMasters and parents attend. Each night of camping earns a bead. Scout camps and high venture camps have one bead associated with it. Service projects are also given beads. The following list gives each bead's meaning.

* Blue: fair weather tent camping
* White: camping in snow
* Yellow: Camporee
* Red: summer camp i.e.: Frank Rand
* Black: foul weather camping
* Clear: under-the-stars camping
* Brown Boot: Philmount
* Tan Canoe: Canada Base camp
* Green Canoe: Florida Sea Base camp   
* Green Star: Eagle service project
* Green (plain): other service projects
* Orange: ten mile or more hike
* Pink: hotel/motel
* Purple: injured boy
* Tan: backpacking
* Chrome Barrel: camping in –degrees (read about Chaco canyon 2002)
* Peach:?
* Large Tire: Camping in a vehicle.