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Parental Involvement

Parental Involvement

The troop needs the help and support of all the parents. A parent may want to be involved with the Troop Committee or with the Scoutmaster Staff. Many jobs are available; just contact the Troop Committee Chairman. Other parents may want to be involved by helping at troop functions on a more sporadic basis. A parent may want to handle a special activity once a year. In addition, from time to time, the Troop Sponsor, the Evening Optimists, will request the troop's manpower for support of various projects in which they are involved. Remember, the Scouts whose parents are involved with the troop always benefit the most from the Scouting Experience.
I know, your're saying, "I wouldn't know what to do." Not to worry, there is training available; Scoutmaster Fundamentals, a must for Assistant Scoutmasters, and good for Committee members. In addition, there is an advanced course called Woodbadge where you can learn more in detail.
Boy Scouts is different from Cub Scouts regarding advancement and merit badges. You were encouraged to work with your son and sign-off on the advancement steps in Cubs. In Boy Scouts, rank advancement is approved by the Scoutmaster Staff or the designated boy leaders. Parents may sign-off on a son's merit badge if the parent is an approved merit badge counselor and teaching a troop sanctioned merit badge class in which the son is a member.

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