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Merit Badge a Month
Emergency_Preparedness Communications Safety Citizenship_in_the_Nation Fingerprinting Personal_Management Astronomy Citizenship_in_the_World Radio Family_Life Electricity Electronics

Troop 409's Merit Badge a Month Program for 2010

(Click on a badge above for the latest requirements, worksheets, etc.)

Troop 409 is providing an opportunity to literally earn a merit badge a month throughout 2010. Here’s the deal: Merit badge counselors will avail themselves before (or after) the regular Troop meeting over a given month to conduct a class for a particular merit badge. During this timeframe the counselor will teach the boy the necessary information, as well as verify their knowledge, so that they can earn their badge by the conclusion of the month.

We hope every boy will take advantage of these classes, and have a great deal of fun learning some neat things! If he participates in all the classes planned for 2010, he can literally earn 11 merit badges (at least) this year.

Here is the tentative merit badge class lineup for 2010, including the counselor who will offer the class before/after the regular Troop meeting during a particular month:

FEB: Emergency Prep ** (Mr Doerry)
MAR: Communications ** (Mr Maurer)
APR: Fingerprinting (Mrs. Bailey)
MAY: Cit in Nation ** (Mr Ingram)
JUL: Personal Management ** (Ginger Rinaldi)
AUG: Scouting Heritage (TBD) -- Backup: Astronomy (Mr Rinaldi)
SEP: Cit in World ** (Mr Garrett)
OCT: Radio (Mr Mileshosky)
NOV: Family Life ** (Mr Theriot)
DEC: Electricity or Electronics (Mr Dubbert)

The “**” indicates that the badge is Eagle-required, so this is a great way to knock out a bunch of those throughout the year. A sign-up sheet for the following month will be made available at Troop meetings, and final details (class times, things to bring, etc) will be made by the counselor in advance.

The lineup above may change depending on counselor schedules, etc. Additional classes could be offered too. But this should provide a glimpse of the additional fun and advancement opportunities made available to the boys in Troop 409 this year. Again, we hope every boy will take advantage of these classes, and have a great deal of fun learning some neat things!

Questions? Please contact Brian Mileshosky.