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Inappropriate Language

To All Scouts,

On the last camping trip, our SPL (Thearin) hosted a cracker barrel to address a concern which has been brought up by a few scouts: inappropriate language.

From this meeting, the following points were established:

1) Inappropriate language is defined as the use of curse words or language with intentions contrary to the Scout Law and Scout Spirit.

2) Scouts observing inappropriate language are encouraged to inform their patrol leader and the patrol leader should work with the SPL to resolve incidents of inappropriate behavior.

3) Scouts who use inappropriate language may be asked to apologize to those present when the inappropriate language was used. It may be required in some circumstances for a written apology.

The SPL, working with the troop scoutmasters, will resolve issues arising from the use of inappropriate language. Should it be necessary, scouts who are unwilling to cease the use of inappropriate language or unwilling to provide the necessary apology may find their advancement held up - each rank has a requirement regarding scouting spirit which requires signature by a scoutmaster.

It should be noted that most people (especially visitors to the troop) judge our scouts by their behavior. The use of inappropriate language, even a single injudicious word by a single scout, can ruin the repudiation of the troop. Think about this the next time the troop hosts a Webelos activity.

On a personal note, Scoutmaster Theriot wants to encourage scouts not to develop a habit of using inappropriate language. The ability to express oneself without resorting to inappropriate language is considered by most people as a sign of maturity. All scouts in Troop 409 have a functional vocabulary - the use of inappropriate language is not necessary to express oneself. Additionally, it is important to develop good habits - the ability to avoid using inappropriate language when expressing one's self will work to a scout's advantage when participating in a job interview, meeting your friends parents, etc.

Scoutmaster Theriot